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Rafal Pikul - video capturing powerful moments, vlog

Hi! I'm Rafal Pikul

I once had an idea, that I could film famous people and great companies, and then make great videos to show their true value. I dreamed that those videos allow them to grow their business, build their authority and give value to their clients. And you know what? I’m doing it!

I help people show their true value, I capture their powerful moments.

I worked for some of the most recognisable people and companies in the world. And I’m thinking if you would like to hire me for your next project? I hope to meet you soon!

people talk

I work with amazing people and they seem to enjoy it!

So Rafal Pikul crushed it for me when he filmed me in London for DAILYVEE!
Gary Vaynerchuk - Rafal Pikul - video capturing powerful moments, vlog
Gary Vaynerchuk
Entrepreneur, author, speaker
Rafal Pikul is the most committed, creative film making person I know.
Michael Beast - Rafal Pikul - video capturing powerful moments, vlog
Michael Beast
branding & marketing specialist

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